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Chris Hailey's stories Guest authors Comments. By Chris Hailey Home Contact. Copyright Story codes: b 12 Mg 11first. Susie Foreman liked to play "You show me yours and I'll show you mine" as much as us boys. And we were in heaven--until she moved into the neighborhood, we had pretty slim pickings. There were a couple girls on my block who we could usually convince to lift their shirts, but they were only ten so it wasn't all that exciting and they would never drop their pants no matter how much we begged.

Lisa Monroe, a girl that lived a few blocks away, would do pretty much anything we asked, but she was nine, and kinda chubby, so even though it was fun to get to look at her privates, it wasn't that great. And then there was Beth Lindholm, a beautiful lanky blonde ten year old that we were all in love with. Asstr games occasionally pull her pants down and let us look for a second or two before she pulled them back up, but she never wanted to look at our pricks; she'd just asstr games, "Gross! But that's not what it was like with Susie Foreman.

She liked to drop her pants just as much as we did, and not just for a second or two--she let them fall to her ankles and then just stand there, sometimes even spreading her legs open a little bit to give us a really good look.

And, since Susie was eleven, she actually had a little bit of hair, the only girl with any hair on her pussy that ever played the game with us. And almost as enjoyable for us was the fact that she loved to look at our pricks.

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She'd stand there with her pants around her ankles and survey the room, a big grin on her face as her eyes moved from one dick to the next, paying attention to each one and watching us all swell--quite literally--with pride.

The only down side was that she'd never lift her shirt, no matter how much we begged and cajoled.

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Being eleven, she actually wore a bra and had something to show, but she was obviously embarrassed about it even though if she'd actually shown them to us, they would have been the most beautiful things we'd ever seen. After we'd played the game with Susie a few times, it started to become obvious, to me at least, that there was one prick that attracted her attention more than all the others. I was twelve at the time, one of the older boys in our gang, and I'd started into puberty several months before Susie moved into the neighborhood.

Most of the other boys had little kid dicks--bald, with their little balls stuffed tightly into a pale scrotum, their pricks standing up excitedly but pencil-thin and hardly more than a couple inches when fully erect. I, on the other hand, and I don't mean to brag here, just telling the truth, was starting to look a bit like a grown man. I wasn't exactly hairy but I had a nice batch above my cock. My testicles had grown substantially in the last six months, hanging down now in a nice reddish sack.

And my prick, though still pretty small, was substantial, at least for a twelve year old, nice and thick and a proud four inches or more when my hard-on was raging. Susie Foreman definitely noticed. I saw her eyes landing on my prick far more than all the others, and my little guy stood up at attention, showing himself off proudly to her.

Once I realized that my member was the focus of her attention, what I wanted more than anything in the whole world was to get alone with Susie Foreman to play the game. But, being an inexperienced twelve year old, I couldn't just come out and suggest it.

As luck would have it, though, the opportunity presented itself the asstr games next weekend. All us guys were playing in a asstr games tournament, and my team got ousted in the very first round we seriously sucked. So Susie Foreman and I hung around watching the other games. After a while, she's like, "I'm bored. You wanna get out of here?

We went down to her basement and played a few games of ping-pong. Then her mom made us some lemonade and we sat on the ping-pong table to drink it.

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Finally I worked up the nerve. I was, by now, completely in love with Susie Foreman's pussy. She was a dark haired girl, and very pretty with twinkling dark eyes and a soft face. The more poetic among us would call her a raven-haired beauty, and the hair that graced her pubic mound matched perfectly, dark and shining. There wasn't much of it, not more than a inch or so of little curls above the top of her cleft, and as she stood there with her legs opened slightly I could see the cleft lead down to two reddish lips, lightly covered in just a few wisps of dark hair.

It was truly the loveliest thing I'd ever seen. She was grinning as she stared at me, and it was obvious that my admiration for her privates was fully reciprocated. I was at half-mast when I got my pants down and she watched as my cock twitched into a full erection.

Once I was fully hard, I tensed the muscles in my crotch to make my penis move some asstr games for her. He bounced up and down as I tensed and eased the muscles. Susie Foreman giggled excitedly. Right then we heard someone walking above our he and we quick pulled our pants back up and started playing ping-pong again. A few days later I rode my bike by her house. I was hoping to find her outside but she wasn't out, so I rode around the block, working up the nerve to go ring her doorbell.

She answered. When we got to her basement, she leaned against the ping-pong table. We had our pants down in a second, and she giggled, asstr games, as my cock twitched to a full erection again. I made him bounce again for her and she giggled some more. Then we stood there in silence for a minute, just staring at each other's privates. She broke the silence. Oh, fuck, what a question to ask a twelve year old boy.

I had, of course, many times--I was masturbating regularly by now. In fact, I had just jacked off the night before, thinking about her pretty pussy the whole time. But of course I couldn't tell her that. The girl was asstr games me to jack off in front of her, for god's sake! I was horrified, to be honest, at the idea of jacking off in front of a girl. I'll let you look at 'em, if you let me watch you ejaculate. Now, how could I turn that offer down? And I think she knew I couldn't, because she just immediately reached out and pulled her shirt up, grabbing her bra and pulling it up as well, and then she stood there holding her shirt and her bra up to her neck and letting me stare at her sweet little eleven-year-old breasts.

They were the most adorable things I'd ever seen, nothing more than fleshy bumps on her chest, with amazingly light-pink little puffy nipples standing up smartly above the small bit of plump flesh that constituted what little there was of the young girl's breasts. She really didn't need to prod me, my balls were aching with excitement now, enough that any embarrassment I had was overridden by a powerful desire to relieve them of their load. I wrapped my hands around my cock and started jacking off. It did not take me long. I was already a master practitioner, and I was thoroughly turned on at the sight of this young girl nearly naked in front of me.

It took less than a minute for me to begin shooting off. Susie squealed with delight as she watched the first shot explode out of me, arching through the air in a big thick stream and landing on the floor four feet in front of me. Two more big shots fired out and arched to the floor, then a couple smaller ones, and then I just stood there feeling very foolish as the last bit of semen dripped off the end of my cock.

The feeling of foolishness quickly vanished when I looked at Susie Foreman. She was grinning broadly, her eyes wide as she stared at my cock, then at the mess I made on the floor, then back at my cock again. I was still embarrassed, to be sure, but I also felt a sense of pride at having been able to give the girl such a good show.

We asstr games our clothes back on and Susie ran upstairs and grabbed some paper towels and she giggled as she wiped up the mess. Asstr games I stood above her, watching her on her hands and knees cleaning up the mess I'd made, I suddenly felt more like a man then I ever had before.

The next time Susie Foreman and I were alone, she didn't have to spend any time convincing me to jack off for her. There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to come in front of her again. And I didn't need to spend any time convincing her to show her boobs to me, either--she was wearing a little tank top and no bra and she pulled the thing right off and was completely topless.

I started furiously jacking off and was just about ready to blow when she pipped up. The thought of sweet Susie Foreman beating me off was just about enough to send me over the edge right then. I managed to control myself. I walked over--not easy with my pants around my ankles--and I stood in front of her. She wrapped her soft, cool fingers around my cock, the first time I'd ever been touched like that and it was wonderful.

She'd been paying attention to what I did, and so had a pretty good idea of what was required of her, and Asstr games was so close to exploding already that it actually wasn't much of a challenge asstr games her. She stoked it sweetly, pulling my skin towards her, then back, then towards her again. She grinned and kept her eyes glued to my head, like she wanted to witness the very instant that my semen exploded out of me.

Only a few more strokes of her wonderful feminine hands, and my body started bucking, an amazing reaction like I'd never had before. I was standing right in front of her, the head of my cock no more than a foot from her belly and pointed right at it. The first shot exited me with amazing force, splatting hard against her belly and showering us both with little drops of semen in the blow-back. Another shot hard against her, and another; she had her mouth open wide and her eyes even wider and she continued to stare at my cock erupting onto her.

She stopped stoking me when I finished, but still held onto my cock, her hands slippery with come. She pulled it towards her, forcing me to lean in. Then she leaned her face toward me and I leaned mine toward her and we kissed.

The first kiss of my life. A few days later, we were laying in the grass at the park; we'd just been kissing for quite a while--our newest game--and my mouth was tingling wonderfully and she had her head on my stomach.

Asstr games

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