Concubine game

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Two words… Royal Chaos. This game is really time consuming. In a good way. At first glance it will be really overwhelming with all the controls and things to do in game. Being thrust into the dramatic but struggling chaos as a noble lady, will you grin and bear the destiny? Or write your own story — adorned with beautiful fashion, romantic encounters and the surrenders of your enemies! They also have a play on what your stats will be but it will not affect the story. This is where you create your own cute Chinese doll-like avatar.

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The story only changes depending on gender of character. Without spoiling the any key plots I could say that it is just as immersive as an actual Imperial Harem. It follows a certain story concubine game the battle mode and the love simulator. This is a card based game with multiple themes blended into it. But it all perfectly sits together.

The dialogue however is in Chinese but there are English subtitles. I feel as if I would appreciate the game better if I understood Chinese or if the translation was polished. Most free to play games are usually pay to win. Instead of topping up Jade you can also grind the game.

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It may take a while but same efforts. This game has had multiple in other sites such as Facebook, Messenger, Youtube and even on other games. It was even continuously suggested in the app store. But in game you get no at all aside from the game that ask if you want to top up jade to gain rewards. The community both in game and off are truly welcoming.

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Despite the chaos that was once S88 I still managed to stay with concubine game. Some NA Servers even propose discord chats and coordination within local chat on sharing rewards. But it still brings out the essence of a true Royal Harem where people are out to get you. The art that is shareable on social media sites are well captured while the in game graphics are smooth for a mobile game. Plot — 3. Usually for mobile games I get bored easily and move on. You can read up on my s here.

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Notify me of new posts via. Pic from App Store This game is really time consuming. Story line Without spoiling the any key plots I could say that it is just as immersive as an actual Imperial Harem. In game currency Most free to play games are usually pay to win. You can also support the game by clicking the link here Royal Chaos Downloadable on App store or Play store.

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Concubine game

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Concubines And Communities [Royal Chaos game | Overview]