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A recent survey suggested a shockingly high proportion of women have been sexually assaulted by a partner as they slept. Now more and more are speaking out.

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At the time, she was 25, and a language teacher in a Dublin secondary school. Her partner, Magnus Meyer Hustveit, was Norwegian. The couple had moved in together within a few months of meeting, but things were tense. When she did wake, she was no longer wearing her pyjama bottoms and had semen on her body.

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Magnus was sleeping beside her. How could I not have known? I felt really ill, too, I was trying to figure it all out. Her first response was to vomit.

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It was a clear indication of the shock. In April, Dr Jessica Taylor, founder of VictimFocusan independent consultancy and research firm working in forensic psychology, feminism and mental health, released a report on a study that had set out to gauge the extent of violence against women.

It also asked respondents if they had ever woken to their male partner having sex with them or performing sex acts on them while they slept. This was not randomised sampling — the survey was widely shared online and participants were self-selected. The sparked a predictably polarised online response.

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At the time, he was being unfaithful, but according to him, smoking was worse than cheating. This happened in her single bed in her family home. They were spooning, with Martha sandwiched between him and the wall. It was towards summer and I fixated on a spot of morning light on the wall. I read that it was rape. These preferences overlap with porn itself, says Overland. Society is becoming more pornified but, at the same time, many studies show that people are becoming less sexually active.

We have young men buying Viagra, unable to keep an erection. When Overland asked sex workers in Oslo if somnophilia was something they encountered with clients, several had. It requires deep trust and constant communication. But what would feel worse? Being pickpocketed by a stranger or robbed by someone you love and trust? She asked Hustveit if he had drugged her, especially since by the end of the relationship, she felt ill and permanently exhausted, but he has denied this.

Those flashbacks, that trauma response, was the mind and body trying to piece things together. Even now, nine years on, I still wake at two every morning. We know that the body stores memories of trauma — and I think 2am is when it used to happen. H ow hard is it to successfully prosecute these cases? Given that recent Home Office figures showed that, in England and Wales, fewer than one in 60 recorded rapes resulted in a chargethe answer, says Russell, is very hard. The next morning, she went to her local police station. The only action available was to get him to admit it.

She sent him an asking exactly what he had done and why — and, to her shock, he responded almost immediately with a great deal of detail. He seemed completely detached from his words. The reason he gave was just his own gratification.

She did. The last nine years have been a slow but solid process of recovery. She believes her past makes her better at her job. Yet, despite everything, she still catches herself doubting everything that happened to her and her own response. In the UK, the Rape Crisis national freephone helpline is on Rape Crisis also operate a live chat helplineopen Monday: 2pm In the UK and Ireland, Samaritans can dont wake her sex game contacted on or jo samaritans.

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You can contact the mental health charity Mind by calling or visiting mind. In the US, Rainn offers support on In Australia, support is available at Respect Other international helplines can be found at ibiblio. Rape and sexual assault. The sexual assault of sleeping women: the hidden, horrifying rape crisis in our bedrooms.

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Katie Russell, Rape Crisis. Anna Moore.

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Tue 15 Jun Yes, there is such a thing as rape within marriage. Quarter of adults think marital sex without consent is not rape, UK survey finds. Reuse this content.

Dont wake her sex game

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