Gamemaker studio 1.4

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GameMaker: Studio 1. Currently only orthogonal maps will export correctly.

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These support horizontal and vertical flipping, but no rotation. For tile objects, scaling is also supported. The tilesets have to be named the same as the corresponding backgrounds in the GameMaker project. Otherwise GameMaker will pop up an error for each tile while loading the exported room. The scaleX and scaleY properties can be used to override the scale of the instance.

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However, if the scale is relevant then it will generally be easier to use a tile object, in which case it is automatically derived from the tile size and the object size. The originX and originY properties can be used to tell Tiled about the origin of the object defined in GameMaker, as an offset from the top-left. This origin is taken into when determining the position of the exported instance.

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Since Tiled 1. Views can be defined using rectangle objects where the Type has been set to view. The position and size will be snapped to pixels.

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Whether the view is visible when the room starts depends on whether the object is visible. The use of views is automatically enabled when any views are defined.

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If you frequently use views with similar settings, you can set up templates for them. Their depth is set automatically, with tiles from the bottom-most layer getting a value of the GameMaker default and counting up from there.

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If you want to set a custom depth value you can set the following property on the layer:. Tiled stable. Warning The tilesets have to be named the same as the corresponding backgrounds in the GameMaker project.

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GameMaker: Studio Released