My little pony game friend codes

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I share the game with daughter. We gift daily if able, we drop chests when we get time especially if we received a gift notification from you. Hoping for some adds from fellow gifters! Thanks for the add! Please add me. I have only my daughter as a friend. Will gift and send chests with each request. Will gift daily and chest when able.

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Thank you. I play with my daughter our friend code is e87e0. We will gift regularly! She really loves this game! Hi guys! My friend code is dd. Can you please add me, I play every day and I want to have as many friends as possible!!

I gift chests and hearts, play both mini games everyday??? My Little Pony by: Gameloft Simulation.

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Build a town with Twilight Sparkle and her friends. This fun game has lots of features including special events and rewards for adding friends with friend codes. Friend Codes F1f5be C9a38f 5d26d2 3bd 8ed 43c bec f83fbd c5e B ab23b3 1b ca0. Brianna says:.

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May 14, at am. Shannon Pitcock says:. May 29, at pm. Princess Cookie says:. Oct 4, at am. Lauren Wilson says:. Oct 18, at pm. I meant to reply to Nancy there but not sure if I did that properly lol. Nancy says:. May 21, at pm. SeaSparkles says:. May 24, at am. May 26, at pm. Katarina says:. Jun 16, at pm. Jun 25, at pm. Desi says:. Jul 13, at am. I have no friends yet, who wanna be friends with me? RegiHUN says:. Jul 14, at am. Hiruka says:. Holly says:. Sep 3, at am. Sep 24, at pm. Cutecookie7 says:. Oct 9, at pm. Athenagal02 says:. Oct 23, at am. Pete says:. Oct 24, at am.

Richy says:. Nov 13, at pm. Adam says:. Nov 15, at am. Ill gift daily and give treasure chest randomly every day b Marshmallow says:.

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Nov 23, at am. Nov 24, at pm. Honey Pie says:. Dec 25, at pm. Louise B says:. Dec 27, at pm. Chloe H says:. Roiss says:. Val says:. Jan 6, at pm. OK ponies, here is a gift code for you! Sarah says:. Jan 21, at pm. PeroAlxp says:.

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Jan 28, at am. Neko- says:. Feb 9, at pm. Ateren says:. Feb 24, at am. Dust Drago says:. Apr 1, at pm. Pechenbko says:. Apr 17, at pm. Emerald Cookies says:. Apr 21, at am. May 1, at pm. May 8, at am. Cpt pony says:. May 13, at pm. Blossom Cookie says:. May 15, at pm. Caring Music says:. May 19, at am. Sapphire Cake says:. May 21, at am. Dusty Days says:. Jul 4, at am. Poli says:. Jul 27, at pm. Sam says:. Aug 15, at am. Lucky Star says:. Aug 21, at am.

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Abbydawn says:. Oct 27, at pm. MLP lover says:. Nov 20, at pm. Bailey says:. Jan 9, at pm. Feb 14, at pm. Sami says:. Jul 12, at pm. Arievari says:. Oct 26, at pm. Gift says:. Nov 3, at pm. Nov 12, at pm. Nov 20, at am. Nov 27, at pm.

My little pony game friend codes

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My Little Pony