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Welcome to the home of the Vagts version of "Pennies From Heaven"a canasta-style card game. We are glad you stopped by. When we first created this web site nearly 15 years ago, a search for "Pennies From Heaven" on the web produced only a few relevent "hits" and we only found two other links that we thought might be interesting to others. The web now has many more "Pennies" sites, but most for a 6 player only version. We give a few links for some of the best that we recommend you check out.

If you find any more interesting sites, please let us know. This web site describes the version of "Pennies From Heaven" that Steve's grandparents Franz and Wilhemina Grabsch learned when they retired to southern Florida in the early 's. He and his family were taught the game during a visit and have enjoyed it ever since!

Steve and Myra introduced it to Myra's family, where it was also well received. The version described here is virtually unchanged since we first learned it.

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We also include a link to another favorite card game - "Krazy8", a more adult version of the children's game, "Crazy Eights". Not just for kids anymore, this game is great for all ages, from the time the child knows what a card is and can tell a 'jack' from a 'joker'. And you will swear that the 'joker' always finds its way to you much too often there are only four. Myra and I are sure you and your children will love this version great "family time". It is equally fun with just adults, as play is simple enough that everyone can catch up pennies from heaven game current affairs, or relive old times, without interruption.

There are many simple, but interesting rules, so it may take a bit of time to learn. But stick with it, we think you will enjoy it. As with most card games, there are differences between versions, similar to the differences in dialects in any given language. Yet, we wouldn't categorize them as "house rules" because the same version of this game has spread to many families across the country. Most other versions are for 6 players only; deal 13 cards each; and Pennies are 11 cards.

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It appears that the other versions do not use Aces as a Special Canasta. Threes cannot be melded nor made into canastas. The Red Threes are scored separately. The Black Threes are used for discard only and count against you if "stuck" in the hand. The scoring is much simplified over some of the other versions. This version of "Pennies From Heaven" was introduced to our families from Steve's grandparents Franz and Wilhemina Grabsch in southern Florida and has been passed down through the generations virtually unchanged.

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All our kids and their families and several of our friends across the country enjoy the same version. The game is very similar to other versions of "Pennies" described at the other web sites, but with several differences noted above. This version is also similar to the more popular "Canasta"but with the following special features:.

Each player is dealt a second hand of cards. These are called "Pennies", which can be picked up only when a player has completed a canasta.

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There are three types of canasta:. A team must have completed a Special canasta and a one other type in order to "go out". Play ends when someone runs out of cards. This version is best played with four players on two teams. Play with six players on three teams is also satisfactory just takes longer ; just add another two decks of cards.

For the full set of rules and explanation of the Vagts " Pennies From Heaven ", click on the link to the right. Feel free to browse around.

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Use the e-mail link to tell us what you think, or if you have any suggestions. Interesting Links. Toggle. You are here: Home.

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The following provided the means to publish and maintain this website: "Web hosting so good you'll tell your friends.

Pennies from heaven game

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