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After a longer than planned hiatus, we have returned better than ever! With new art by Roseprix and some dialog by Cap'n Crimson. The new outfits are the ones pictured and we also added 2 new dates for Keet and Ladja. Is this game dead or are you strumpets flash game taking a break?

I mean really, by day 20 its unplayable due to bugs. May be unrelated but when opening game offline with SWF file player the ature thing gives Error, loosely translated as:"Error: entry row has wrong format". Edit, i don't have necessary skills to lend a hand nor much money to spare at the moment but i'll try to pass some notes of mine, containing cataloguing of issues and clues to probable causes as well as suggestions. Hopefully that can help. I'll add more over time if i get to it later. In my particular case it was the "left" button on nose customisation bar but it could be anywhere else i just don;t have definitive data on that.

That other time it was "right button" on hair option on secondary character. Issue 5 MC character as well as B. If you undress a secondary character in the Dorm menu there's currently no way to undo it. That is their clothes get lost. Though if you inquire her inside house its ok. Issue 8 Upon loading, customer status in the brothel resets, that is one would be able to abuse this issue to get infinite customers per day.

Str stat remains unchanged. Text load Issue 11 Upgrade costs went to unidentified. I don't know why.

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Day 10 it was fine and Day 11 it broke. One thing out of the ordinary that i did was complete one Help Cop Quest. Edit, went to earlier save, and got unidentified For obedience training it does not even deduct stamina sometimes maybe it shouldn't and that last bit is fine, please post a guide to game mechanics. Issue 13 Aquiring weapons breaks combat system. Bottom left character will treat a sword as if it was a dagger.

As it is the save system does not track your affinity status with Ladja, Keet and others, therefore upon loading a save you'll get not only old dialogue but option to recruit them again i. Please implement tracking of player progress so that old tutorials and dialogues don't restart upon loading a save. Bartender may sometimes be replaced with last character who served a customer. Bartender left boob to the right on screen may be exposed upon entering the building, right hand bare and a lady may have a penis when not supposed to. Suggestion 2. Make it possible to load without exiting and restarting the game.

Suggestion 3. Make it possible to disable tutorials when starting a new game. Suggestion 4. It would be nice to see how long the mission would take before accepting it. Suggestion 5. Unique character specific quests or X days in good mood to expunge or transform negative traits or vice versa, X days in negative and character develops depression, shyness, etc. For strumpets flash game someone who is depressed turns out to be royalty or runaway sexslave if in good mood for X consecutive days.

Suggestion 6 An option to watch daily report again in case player skips or forgets it the first time. Well, at least the devs are being patient whilst updating and adding more to the game. But to be honest, the game itself is quite entertaining regardless of its disadvantages. So, I'm just happy that Strumpets flash game could play a game that doesn't feel rushed, so this game I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to spend their downtime without feeling depressed.

But basically this game is quite amusing and fun to play. Strumpets Share Collapse.

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Strumpets flash game

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